2017 Is Off and Running: Are You Pushing or Pulling with Communication?

Six weeks have flown by since the start of the new year, and companies are off and running toward new goals to reach 2017 outcomes. There’s energy in your hallways and on your conference calls as people feel informed about the company’s goals and focused on what they need to do to support them.

Leaders spent January in the “pulling” position. I use that term to describe a forward tug as leaders and managers take the stage or lead from the front to set a new vision and direction. For any leader, it’s the “launch the year” opportunity to bring clarity and conviction to the months ahead. The “Pull” is the idea of leading from the front and bringing people into your idea. These first of the year messages are designed to get others involved. Most leaders are good at this. They understand the importance of this launch, and they focus on these keynotes to rally employees and drive momentum at the start of the year.

But, now those meetings have occurred. Now, leaders and managers are heads down and trying to manage to those goals. And, it begs the question: When will the steady “Push” occur?