It’s no secret that practice is hard. That’s why we want to make it easier.

Welcome to SWAU (Sally Williamson & Associates University)

We introduce great skills. But if you want to master them, you have to practice.

Great leaders do it. Inspiring managers do it. And now you can do it through our online coaching community.

Existing SWAU Members

Communication is a critical skill of influence, and it’s a hard skill to develop.  That’s because we use the basic skills every day without a lot of guidance on how to leverage those skills well. It’s like knowing how to run but never really winning a race. It takes breaking bad habits and building new ones. We explain it and explore it in our workshops. And we set the course for change with individual goals and coaching toward new habits.

But we also know it will take practice for new habits to take hold. And that’s where many people get stuck or stalled. Finding the motivation and direction to practice until new skills become better habits.

Take an Inside Look of SWAU


Our newest initiative, SWAU is an online, self-guided coaching platform to guide you toward the finish line. It’s our added step to take you from new skills to better habits.

After any SW&A workshop, our coaches position participants into tracks that will help them practice the skills we introduced in our workshops. Under each track, participants move at their own pace through self-guided coaching. Once a track is complete, participants can move to another track or explore deeper insights on common communication situations and challenges.

As a member of SWAU, you’ll get access to four complete coaching tracks under each of our most popular programs. There are coaching goals, practice steps, and added insights pulled from more than 30+ years of custom programs, articles and thought leadership used across our engagements. It’s like having your own personal SW&A coach on demand!

SWAU Annual Membership

Dedicated Coaching Tracks to follow at your own pace
Exercises to encourage practice
Videos to illustrate techniques and concepts
Insights and ideas with 30+ years of thought leadership
Weekly additions with innovative ideas and best practices



And if you haven’t experienced our methodology in the past, then SWAU Lite is a great place to start!

Designed for a new SW&A learner, SW&A Lite includes shortened versions of our situational communication tracks, as well as full access to the SWAU Resource Library. So, whether you’re just looking for a few quick communication tips, want access to the resource library for those moments when you need a little on-the-spot coaching, or just want to dip your toe into our methodology, SWAU Lite is available now.

SWAU Lite Monthly Membership

Shortened Coaching Tracks to follow at your own pace
Full access to the SW&A Resource Library
Video lessons from the experts
Introduction to the SW&A Communication Methodology

Welcome to the SW&A Coaching Family!