Accelerating Visibility for High Potential Managers: A New Take on Rotation Programs

Five years ago, the Corporate Leadership Council released a study that said 75 percent of companies worldwide weren’t confident in their ability to staff leadership positions. It was one of many human resource studies that called out the gap in leadership competencies; and, companies admitted they were in a dilemma.

Statistics show that as baby boomers are exiting in droves, there won’t be enough Gen Xers to replace them, so millennials will be thrust into leadership faster than any other generation. Companies are focused on the millennials and making sure they have the ability to acquire and retain them. But, the millennial generation issue can’t be solved with a broad brush because it encompasses new employees who are just entering the workforce as well as those who have accumulated 10+ years of experience. While the young millennials are making a lot of noise about where they want to work and how they want to work, it’s the more experienced group that is ready and impatient to step up to the plate.