Cleaning Up Your Blooper Reel

Sometimes the best part of going to a movie is staying until the end to see the blooper reel. It has become such a fad that you’ll see bloopers added to the end of most productions and performances. A blooper is defined as an embarrassing error, but we love seeing behind the scenes, catching people with their guard down, and experiencing what really happened.

The truth is few performances go perfectly, and it often requires a series of takes to get a wrap. The same can be true of communication situations, although we rarely view our communication bloopers as quite so entertaining.

A mistake in an important meeting or a big presentation can be devastating. It isn’t funny and it never feels good. While we have helped many people increase their effectiveness, no one is perfect. There are bad days, and there are poor presentations. But what really sets an effective communicator apart is how those situations are handled.