Book Endorsements

Below is a collection of endorsements that our friends have kindly shared with us for Sally Williamson’s books.

Storylines & Storytelling: What They Remember & Repeat

Storylines & Storytelling: What They Remember & Repeat

“Cox is a 120-year-old, family-owned business filled with tales of innovation, courage and perseverance. Sally’s work has helped me and many of our leaders tap into the anecdotes that make us laugh, cry and feel more connected to the company and to each other as employees. She’s encouraged us to become better communicators and to add our own unique voices to Cox’s enduring story.”
John M. Dyer, President & Chief Executive Officer – Retired, Cox Enterprises, Inc.

“Sally and team have educated our thought leaders on what it means to be memorable storytellers and how to deliver out messages in a clear, concise and relevant way. Her guidance over the past few years has taken our communications to the next level, greatly improving our ability to connect with customers and market influencers.”
Bill Madison, CEO, Insurance, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

“Sally has been a long-time partner of Intuit, helping our leaders communicate with high impact and growing their self-confidence to inspire their teams to be the best they can be. Bringing the power of storylines and storytelling only strengthens her recipe for leaders to use to get the most out of themselves, their teams and organizations.”
Rick Jensen, Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer, Intuit

“At the pace of our business, communicating a consistent message to all our employees located around the world can be challenging. That’s why we use stories that can be remembered and repeated. Sally’s methodology makes stories repeatable, and her thoughts in this book will help you develop compelling communicators at all levels of your organization.”
Allison Ausband, Senior Vice President, In-Flight Services, Delta Air Lines

“Technology is a common thread between business teams, but it is rarely the common language. To influence cross-functional teams, you have to be confident in yourself and your ideas. Sally has helped many of our team members learn the skills to do that, and she’s a valued partner in helping us develop our technology leaders.”
Kevin Hart, Executive Vice President, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Cox Communications

“In Storylines & Storytelling, Sally Williamson provides a framework for elders to connect to the hearts and minds of employees, customers and community members. Sally not only provides a road map for telling impactful and inspirational stories but also motivates leaders to lead authentically with presence and poise.”
Candice L. Saunders, President and CEO, Wellstar Health System

“Great communication touches emotions. It can change minds and move people to action. Great communication starts with storytelling. Sally takes the mystery out of telling stories and can help move you from being a competent speaker to a compelling one.”
Russell Weiner, Chief Operating Officer, Domino’s

“Sally and her team are masters at teaching communicators how to connect on a human and emotional level. Her three-step formula has the right ingredients to make your points memorable and actionable, and you’ll find great value in her insights whether you’re talking to 1000 people or to your team.”
Laura Wilbanks, Chief Marketing Officer, Equifax

“Sally Williamson knows how to capture the customer perspective in every storyline. Originally collaborating with her as a young sales leader, she had a noticeable and measurable impact on my business and how we differentiated ourselves in the market. She is definitely the expert when striving for compelling conversation with customers and sales teams.”
Bill Hampton, SVP, GM Financial Institution Services, Worldpay

“I’ve known Sally for more than a decade, and I value her ability to turn details into a storyline that listeners want to hear. It takes discipline, creativity and the tools that she shares through hundreds of workshops every year. Sally will change the way you talk to your customers and the was your customers talk to you.”
Kermit Randa, Chief Growth Officer, Waystar Revenue Cycle Technology

“Sally is an expert at crafting a powerful story that’s easy to follow. She can prepare any communicator for any format or audience, and she gives you the framework and the confidence to always achieve your desired results.”
Pedro Cherry, EVP, Customer Service & Operations, Southern Company

Leading Executive Conversations

Leading Executive Conversations

“Straight talk on what it takes to be an effective communicator in the executive arena. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or already have a seat in the C-suite, your next executive conversation will be ten times more impactful if your read this book first.”
Tim Minahan, CMO, SAP Cloud, SAP

“Sally’s Executive Conversations course is one of our university’s most highly rated, for a good reason: It’s helped the nearly 500 leaders who’ve attended improve themselves – and their results. Her workshop approach ensures leaders leave with the skills and tools they need to impact decision-making, expand their roles and deliver for our customer.”
Ken Fenoglio, Vice President, Corporate University, Fortune 25 Company

“Sally is a tremendous collaborator and brings a massive skillset to our relationship, but most importantly, Sally offers the broad perspective that is incredibly productive in helping an executive think through opportunities. I count myself fortunate to call Sally Williamson a trusted partner, an ever-present confidant, and a friend.”
Mike Kelly, President & CEO, PSCU

“Sally and her team understand how to communicate with senior leaders. Their tools and expertise help managers connect project details to business outcomes and lead conversations that give executives clarity and direction to make decisions. I would say they transform communication from high risk to high impact!”
Lori Gaytan, Senior Vice President, AMER Human Resources & Global Functions, Intercontinental Hotels Group

“Sally’s ability to help professionals communicate with executives goes beyond just understanding the art of effective communication. She has the rare ability to truly understand the way senior leaders think, how they process information, and how those translate into capturing attention and conveying information. In today’s world of constant partial distraction, effective communications are more critical than ever.”
David Wilkie, CEO, World 50

Leading Executive Conversations is a must-read for managers looking to make a profound impact in the workforce. Sally’s research and framework for effectively leading executive conversations allows managers to be prepared, succinct and captures the executive’s attention, quickly allowing these conversations to be positive, career-defining moments.”
Rebecca Dickey, Senior Manager, Accenture

Leading Executive Conversations successfully brings Sally Williamson’s world-class expertise to life. It is clearly a must-read for the leaders of today and tomorrow.”
Jack Bergstrand, CEP, Brand Velocity, Inc.

“In my work, I have the opportunities to refer senior leaders to Sally to help them improve their executive presence. Sally and her team’s process combined with their experience have proven to get results with clients. She understands what it is like to be an executive and how to develop and deliver impactful messages that engage and inspire followers.”
David Brookmire, President, Corporate Performance Strategies

“Sally’s books are filled with down-to-earth real problems and practical solutions. They are easy to read and easy to learn from. They cover the topics that are not the cliches of leadership, but the things you really need to know to become successful. For executives that care about their upcoming leaders and care enough to help those folks become better, you’re always safe to recommend a read from Sally. And, it’s a worthwhile read for you, too.”
Henrietta King, vice President, Administrative and Strategic Services, The Southeast Permanente Medical Group, Inc.

“Sally truly transformed one of the leaders I asked her to coach; she is for real.”
Sasan Goodarzi, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Consumer Tax Group, Intuit, Inc.

“My role as an innovation leader requires me to communicate with a wide variety of senior leaders both inside and outside the company. Sally’s approach and techniques have extended my communication style so that I can confidently navigate critical executive conversations about change and innovation.”
Mark Pearson, Senior Vice President, Manager of Innovation Programs, SunTrust Banks, Inc.

“Sally consistently demonstrates a git for working with leaders and their teams, to help them function more effectively in all of their internal and external-facing roles. She has a unique ability to assess the human and organizational dynamics of a leadership team and then quickly and concisely communicate ways to improve those dynamics.”
Joanie Teofilo, President & CEO, The Energy Authority

“Sally has a unique talent for coaching leaders at all levels to communicate with confidence and executive presence. She understands the importance of presenting content through storytelling that simplifies and clarifies complex messages. She has helped me and many others on my team prepare for and deliver effective and high-impact communications for all types of audiences. I am truly grateful for her expertise.”
Veronica Sheehan, Senior Vice President, Global Network, Technology, and Studio Operations, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“Sally and her team have been helping me with my executive communication strategies for years. They help facilitate superior executive communication and they instill confidence with their approach and expertise.”
Paul T. Johnson, Executive Vice President, Sales and Services, Vocera Communications

The Hidden Factor: Executive Presence

The Hidden Factor: Executive Presence

“Sally’s vast experience in helping senior leaders become better communicators pays off nicely in this insightful look at one of the least explored, but most powerful aspects of leadership. A great read!”
Steve Soltis, Director, Leadership Communications, The Coca-Cola Company

“It’s interesting and valuable to understand presence as one of the intangibles that differentiates someone as a leader. Presence is a professional advantage, but it also inspires confidence in executive decision-making and strategy. So presence is as much an organizational competence as it is a personal attribute. Within our organization, Sally has helped expand our thinking and provide practical strategies to give presence the focus it deserves.”
Kelly Regal, Executive Vice President, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“Sally truly understands the potential for impact in communication, and she knows how to develop the skill in others. Her work with our team has helped with message development and delivery. She has great insight into how to combine content and presence to ensure the message gets heard and ‘has impact’.”
Doug Williams, President and CEO, iHealth Technologies

“Sally Williamson knows how to command a room – and a book. Throughout The Hidden Factor, she uncovers the mysteries of executive presence and offers proactive approaches to help leaders leverage it as a stepping stone to greatness. With this book, Williamson opens new doors. Don’t miss the opportunities that dance behind them.”
Lorri Freifeld, Editor-in-Chief, Training magazine

“Executive Presence: Often ignored, never defined. Sally’s years of expert coaching have enabled her not only to accurately define executive presence but to show real-world ways to build it.”
Dan Tarantin, Former President & CEO, Direct General Corporation

“I have personally known Sally for many years. She has an excellent reputation for helping people with their executive presence, particularly with their communication skills. I will always be grateful for the excellent assistance she provided me early in my career.”
Mickey Brown, Executive Vice President, Customer Service Organization, Georgia Power Company

“Credibility at the executive level is 100% tied to believability. Through thoughtful coaching, Sally teaches how executive presence can be learned to significantly influence career mobility and key people. She has coached our leaders in executive-level conversations to increase their overall presence, the clarity of their messages and the confidence of the leadership team. Leaders from across the company who participate in Sally’s training provide impressive feedback saying, “Thank you, this was the best personal development I have experienced!”
CeCe Morken, Vice President & General Manager, Intuit Financial Solutions

“If your purpose is to influence others in a meaningful and authentic way, Sally Williamson’s book will provide invaluable insight. A timely book from an author who personifies Executive Presence.”
Jerone Jackson, Co-founder/Principal, The James Paul Group, Former CSO, Miller Heiman

“One of the great things about Sally is she doesn’t coach through a megaphone; rather she tailors her training so that it’s relevant and impactful and most importantly actionable for her clients.”
Lisa Agona, Chief Marketing Officer, Risk Solutions, LexisNexis

“As a trusted resource for our company’s development needs, Sally helps us to enhance our high potential team members’ attributes that add up to executive presence. She brings a successful roadmap that guides our development programs.”
Joe George, Group Vice President, Online Solutions, Manheim, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises

“Sally’s passion for executive presence has allowed her to build a superb track record in helping business leaders develop effective communication strategies and memorable business presentations. One cannot attend Sally’s workshop without walking away prepare to tackle bigger challenges. Sally is an inspiration and always entertaining. You owe it to yourself to read this book!”
Kent Gregoire, Founder & CEO, Responsibility Centered Leadership, Inc.

“Sally worked with members of my department and gave them great confidence and clarity in how they communicate. Her expertise is invaluable in getting professionals ready for their next opportunity.”
Carrie Kurlander, Vice President, Communications, Southern Company

“Sally does a great job capturing that certain something that turns ordinary people into extraordinary leaders. Some people are born with that potential power, but it’s also a skill that can be coached and developed. Sally helps you understand the charisma of leadership and the chemistry that creates that energy.”
Tim Sosbe, Editorial Director,

“No one does a better job of helping people develop executive presence than Sally Williamson. Her approach is the real deal – authentic, actionable, and spot-on.”
Carolyn (Lyn) Turknett, President, The Turknett Group

“I would recommend Sally to anyone. She has given great training and advice to leaders at all levels and I’ve seen and used Sally’s insights and directions to great benefit. From media training to public speaking to executive presence coaching, Sally knows how to take people to their next level.”
Shirley Powell, Executive Vice President, Communications, The Weather Channel Companies

“I respect Sally’s wisdom. Her coaching techniques are valuable for executive leadership skill development. She provides rich insight into the importance of executive presence and how it influences an executive’s potential and eventual success. She demonstrates that executive leadership growth requires the delivery of broad messages to influence constituent thinking in order to actively engage in delivering your vision.”
Bob Collins, Chief Administrative Officer, Zep Inc.

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