Leading Executive Conversations

“Straight talk on what it takes to be an effective communicator in the executive arena. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or already have a seat in the C-suite, your next executive conversation will be ten times more impactful if your read this book first.”
Tim Minahan, CMO, SAP Cloud, SAP

“Sally’s Executive Conversations course is one of our university’s most highly rated, for a good reason: It’s helped the nearly 500 leaders who’ve attended improve themselves – and their results. Her workshop approach ensures leaders leave with the skills and tools they need to impact decision-making, expand their roles and deliver for our customer.”
Ken Fenoglio, Vice President, Corporate University, Fortune 25 Company

“Sally is a tremendous collaborator and brings a massive skillset to our relationship, but most importantly, Sally offers the broad perspective that is incredibly productive in helping an executive think through opportunities. I count myself fortunate to call Sally Williamson a trusted partner, an ever-present confidant, and a friend.”
Mike Kelly, President & CEO, PSCU

“Sally and her team understand how to communicate with senior leaders. Their tools and expertise help managers connect project details to business outcomes and lead conversations that give executives clarity and direction to make decisions. I would say they transform communication from high risk to high impact!”
Lori Gaytan, Senior Vice President, AMER Human Resources & Global Functions, Intercontinental Hotels Group

“Sally’s ability to help professionals communicate with executives goes beyond just understanding the art of effective communication. She has the rare ability to truly understand the way senior leaders think, how they process information, and how those translate into capturing attention and conveying information. In today’s world of constant partial distraction, effective communications are more critical than ever.”
David Wilkie, CEO, World 50

Leading Executive Conversations is a must-read for managers looking to make a profound impact in the workforce. Sally’s research and framework for effectively leading executive conversations allows managers to be prepared, succinct and captures the executive’s attention, quickly allowing these conversations to be positive, career-defining moments.”
Rebecca Dickey, Senior Manager, Accenture

Leading Executive Conversations successfully brings Sally Williamson’s world-class expertise to life. It is clearly a must-read for the leaders of today and tomorrow.”
Jack Bergstrand, CEP, Brand Velocity, Inc.

“In my work, I have the opportunities to refer senior leaders to Sally to help them improve their executive presence. Sally and her team’s process combined with their experience have proven to get results with clients. She understands what it is like to be an executive and how to develop and deliver impactful messages that engage and inspire followers.”
David Brookmire, President, Corporate Performance Strategies

“Sally’s books are filled with down-to-earth real problems and practical solutions. They are easy to read and easy to learn from. They cover the topics that are not the cliches of leadership, but the things you really need to know to become successful. For executives that care about their upcoming leaders and care enough to help those folks become better, you’re always safe to recommend a read from Sally. And, it’s a worthwhile read for you, too.”
Henrietta King, vice President, Administrative and Strategic Services, The Southeast Permanente Medical Group, Inc.

“Sally truly transformed one of the leaders I asked her to coach; she is for real.”
Sasan Goodarzi, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Consumer Tax Group, Intuit, Inc.

“My role as an innovation leader requires me to communicate with a wide variety of senior leaders both inside and outside the company. Sally’s approach and techniques have extended my communication style so that I can confidently navigate critical executive conversations about change and innovation.”
Mark Pearson, Senior Vice President, Manager of Innovation Programs, SunTrust Banks, Inc.

“Sally consistently demonstrates a git for working with leaders and their teams, to help them function more effectively in all of their internal and external-facing roles. She has a unique ability to assess the human and organizational dynamics of a leadership team and then quickly and concisely communicate ways to improve those dynamics.”
Joanie Teofilo, President & CEO, The Energy Authority

“Sally has a unique talent for coaching leaders at all levels to communicate with confidence and executive presence. She understands the importance of presenting content through storytelling that simplifies and clarifies complex messages. She has helped me and many others on my team prepare for and deliver effective and high-impact communications for all types of audiences. I am truly grateful for her expertise.”
Veronica Sheehan, Senior Vice President, Global Network, Technology, and Studio Operations, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“Sally and her team have been helping me with my executive communication strategies for years. They help facilitate superior executive communication and they instill confidence with their approach and expertise.”
Paul T. Johnson, Executive Vice President, Sales and Services, Vocera Communications