Helping Tech Teams Talk To Executives

Helping Tech Teams Talk To Executives

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Why is “executive talk” difficult for technology teams?

Executives want the bottom-line, while Technologists communicate the whole process.

Technologists speak in jargon They approach conversations by talking through how things could happen, rather than what should happen and why.

Tech Leaders aren’t role models of compelling communication Technology leaders have communication styles similar to their teams, explaining the details before getting to the What and the Why.

So, how do you solve for these dynamics?

Here are three things  that will improve communication in your technology group:

Communication Roadmap Develop a communication roadmap  alongside products.

Storyline Methodology  Build storylines on how to lead conversations. 

Personal Presence & Delivery Empower your technologists to focus on the listener's perspective.

“Why is communicating to the executive level so hard for engineers and technical teams?  After all, they are arguably the smartest people in the company!” SW&A's Tailored Training Program will help your Tech team talk Exec.

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