With SW&A, Your Troubles Will be Out of Sight

You’re ready for some Christmas cheer
And the magical sound of eight tiny reindeer;
But before you can get to calm and bright
You have one last presentation to wrap tonight.

Those chestnuts are roasting, but you feel the fire
As your boss’s voice echoes like the Tabernacle choir;
You waited too late to do this and can only blame yourself
Your resources are now helpless – like that elf on a shelf.

It doesn’t have to be this way
Dashing through slides the night before
If you’ll only remember that a storyline
Takes a message, a framework and little more.

So while you feel like crying this time
There’s no need to pout and I’m telling you why
SW&A can help solve this
With a twitch of a nose and the blink of an eye.

And while we don’t climb down any chimneys
We’ll work our magic even when you’re awake;
Because while presentations can be bad or good
Make yours great… for goodness sake!

So, add us to your development plan
And check that list twice
Because when SW&A guides your content
Your troubles will be out of sight!

Happy Holidays from the SW&A Team!