Organizations depend on their sales force to position their value, solutions and services to customers. Effective salespeople use all the materials that they’re given to take your message into the marketplace with existing and prospective clients.

This approach works great as long as the message stays the same, and nothing changes in your approach to the market or the packaging of your services. However, that assumes that the status quo is the state of your business, and that’s rarely the case in today’s business environment.

Markets swell and shrink, companies adjust to that volatility through mergers and acquisitions, and products have to keep evolving to stay in step with customer demand. So, the reality is that your sales approach and messaging has to keep evolving as well and that can be hard to do.

Marketing materials shift with every new product launch, but a fundamental shift in your go-to-market strategy requires a bigger overhaul of your sales team’s thinking and messaging to your customers.

It takes a clear storyline, a compelling message and buy-in throughout the sales organization to shift your customer’s view and understanding of your value. That’s where SW&A can help you increase your impact.


Development Objectives

Our goal is to help sales groups create consistent storylines that build clear value and impact with your customers. It takes clear communication, confident impressions and memorable takeaways. Through custom programs and coaching, we can help your group reach the following objectives:

  • Adopt methodology and frameworks to build clear and compelling storylines
  • Position clear messaging and outcomes from customer meetings
  • Leverage their role to become an influential partner to your customers
  • Gain greater awareness of personal impressions and impact

For additional information on how SW&A partners with sales groups: