Our Team

Sally Williamson

Sally Williamson President and Founder

Sally is a leading resource for improving the impact of spoken communications. She has developed key messages and coached leaders and their teams to deliver them effectively for more than thirty years. Sally specializes in executive coaching and developing custom programs for groups across company verticals. Her approach begins with listener expectations and helps a communicator learn to influence people with a compelling storyline and personal style that drives engagement in any situation.

Kimberly Gray Fess

Kimberly Gray Fess Lead Instructor/Business Development Director

Kimberly partners with our clients as both a business development resource and a lead instructor. She brings a holistic approach to understanding a group’s development needs and working with our team to customize a program that addresses those needs. In addition, Kimberly has more than twenty years of experience in communications, management, business development, operations and project management.

Lia Panayotidis

Lia Panayotidis Lead Instructor

As a lead instructor for our style programs, Lia focuses on raising awareness of individual brands and working with people to strengthen personal presence. She creates an insightful learning environment in each program and can make the most vulnerable discussions a little easier. She approaches each program with a natural joy of connection and fifteen years of diverse experience in training and development.

Francie Schulwolf

Francie Schulwolf Lead Instructor/Business Development Director

Francie’s focus is on developing strong, confident communicators. With close to twenty-five years of global, corporate experience in advertising, marketing and communications, she is intimately familiar with the demands executives face. This understanding, along with her honest and warm style, create a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to learn and grow.

Randy Donaldson

Randy Donaldson Executive Coach

Randy has been a lead communicator for more than four decades. He has held a variety of leadership positions across the communications spectrum, for most of his career advising CEO’s and business unit leaders. He has led media relations, financial report-outs, and internal and executive communications, both in the U.S. and internationally. Randy’s expertise is creating communication strategies that drive employee engagement and corporate performance across organizations.

Patti Wilmot

Patti Wilmot Executive Coach

Patti has over twenty years’ experience as a former-chief human resources officer. She has helped create award-winning leadership development programs focused on creating a “bench” of future leaders. She brings expertise in assessing talent, improving the effectiveness of leadership teams and helping leaders leverage their strengths to improve effectiveness and impact.

Melanie Doyle

Melanie Doyle Client Experience Coordinator

Melanie co-manages the logistics for SW&A programs and assists in the development of our marketing initiatives. With her background in marketing and event management, Melanie strives to ensure an exemplary experience for our clients.

Kelly Hannon

Kelly Hannon Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Kelly works closely with Sally to manage relationships and coordinate logistics for our executive coaching clients. She brings a professional background in customer service, sales and office administration as well as a can-do attitude toward problem-solving, calendar-syncing and resourcefulness to our team.

Florence Hudson

Florence Hudson Client Experience Coordinator

Florence co-manages the logistics for SW&A programs and assists with our team’s business development planning. Florence’s public relations and hospitality experience are the foundation for her commitment to pursue a flawless experience for our clients.

Maria Rehmert

Maria Rehmert Business Development Director/Marketing Director

Maria has over twenty years’ experience in optimizing results. As a trusted advisor, Maria mindfully guides a new business conversation, working with clients to uncover a solution that is best suited for them. Her expertise as a consultant bodes well for clients who need to bring clarity to what they’re solving in order to achieve actionable outcomes.

Hurst Williamson

Hurst Williamson Business Development Manager

Hurst brings a unique blend of experiences in government affairs, academia and supply chain logistics to the team. He works with clients to discover new partnership opportunities and manages our open programs in both Atlanta and Redwood City. He also writes our blog, The View from Base Camp, which captures the early career perspective on corporate cultures and changing norms.