Marketing leaders own your company’s brand and that makes them generalists and specialists in a corporate environment. They are generalists because the brand message and feel has to spread consistently across all divisions, but they work as specialists to deliver different marketing tools to each group. Some are aligned to product development and packaging, others are focused on sales and lead generation and still others are technicians with digital strategies and analytics.

People used to say marketers could spin a tale out of thin air; today, that air is grounded in an abundance of data that can make it hard to find a single thread to a story.

Marketing has evolved into a full service agency with soup to nuts capabilities and responsibilities. And yet when they communicate, they have to align to a single voice. That’s hard because it takes a team of marketers to tell the full story.

They develop storylines that set a comprehensive strategy to position the company and the brand. And, they deliver tactical updates on the science of engagement that drives website visits and customer behaviors. Each day, they go a mile wide and a mile deep to bring understanding to their work. It isn’t easy. Some say the messaging is so broad it doesn’t speak to anyone. Others say reporting the data can become too much about what they know versus what they want to influence.

We help marketers create a clear storyline and package data into compelling stories that influence decisions.


Development Objectives

Our goal is to help marketing leaders bring clarity to every storyline and confidence in their ability to influence groups with the meaning behind the data. Through custom programs and coaching, we can help your group reach the following objectives:

  • Adopt methodology and frameworks to build clear and compelling storylines
  • Position clear messaging and outcomes from communication
  • Create stories that make data memorable and repeatable
  • Gain greater awareness of personal impressions and impact
  • Leverage their role to become influential leaders

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