Marketing Specialists

Marketing owns a company’s brand and that makes them both generalists and specialists in a corporate environment. Some marketing specialists are aligned to product development and packaging, others are focused on sales and lead generation and still others are technicians with digital strategies and analytics.

In many companies, marketing has evolved into a full-service agency with specialists across a spectrum of capabilities and responsibilities. Yet when they communicate, they have to align to a single voice. That’s hard because it takes a team of marketers to tell the full story.

Content: Each day, marketing teams have to go a mile wide and a mile deep to bring understanding to their work. Too broad…and the message doesn’t speak to anyone. Too data-heavy…and the message becomes too much about what they know vs. what they want to influence. We coach marketing specialists how to organize a storyline that keeps the altitude right for the listener.

Style: As marketing evolved to data-heavy insights, some presenters lost the ability to bring ideas to life and create a picture that helps any listener see possibilities. We put the sparkle back into delivery for this group and encourage that each idea is still “sold” with a little passion and interest.

Situational: It’s building interest that often gets us to storytelling with marketing groups. It’s the balance of the generalist who can simplify opportunities and the specialist who has the detail to back it up. Stories and illustrations become a universal way to drive understanding and interest with all listeners. 

For teams, these three steps are the start of a Tailored Program.

For individuals, a combination of Open Programs helps you build your own toolkit.