It should come as no surprise that leaders in the finance department are some of the first individuals to get exposure to the C-Suite because they track measurements and important data points. Finance managers often forget that numbers are really a means to an end, rather than the end itself.

Numbers report business outcomes, but when provided alone, they don’t offer enough information to understand a missed or exceeded outcome. The executive and manager disconnect between numbers and true outcomes is often a gap in financial discussions. These discussions can lack the context to get to outcomes, and measurable outcomes help executives make business decisions.

While the framework of your conversation leads to proving the outcome, there are several opportunities throughout a financial conversation to provide more context around the numbers. When executives have context around numbers, data becomes impactful and useful to them. That’s when they begin to incorporate your ideas or sound bites into their own messaging and your sound bites are valued enough to be repeatable.


Development Objectives

Our goal is to help finance leaders create compelling storylines that build clear value and impact with executives. It takes clear communication, confident impressions and memorable takeaways. Through custom programs and coaching, we can help your group reach the following objectives:

  • Adopt methodology and frameworks to build clear and compelling storylines
  • Position clear messaging and outcomes from communication
  • Leverage their role to become influential leaders in an organization
  • Gain greater awareness of personal impressions and impact

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