Finance Teams

It should come as no surprise that leaders in the finance department are some of the first individuals to get exposure to the C-Suite. These finance team managers and leaders have the most accurate view of how a company is performing and the insights that come from balancing forecasting with performance to date.

And while numbers guide business decisions, when provided without context, they don’t offer enough information to understand a risk or evaluate a missed result. Numbers need context and when leaders have the two together, financial insights are more useful and impactful. That’s when leaders begin to leverage financial data into business vision and strategies, and the inputs from finance become memorable and repeatable.

Content: We coach finance teams to help shift their perspective from what the data says to what the business needs. It’s leveraging financial data to help a leader understand what’s happening within their business and why it may be happening. It takes messaging that resonates with the listener and context that aligns what a business set out to do and the roadblocks that may be preventing a group from getting there.

Style: For finance teams, gathering the insights is a strength. Presenting the insights with confidence is not. The early visibility to senior leaders can feel like a liability when your brand is impacted by those impressions. This group needs to begin working on presence early in their careers so that they understand how to convey ideas with confidence and credibility.

Situational: Finance teams often ask us to help them develop their own template for their presentations. Because they present often, it adds great value to have a storyline template that is common to the finance team. This makes organizing information much easier on the team and digesting information much easier on internal leaders.

For teams, these three steps are the start of a Tailored Program.

For individuals, a combination of Open Programs helps you build your own toolkit.