Talent Development

Leadership Programs and High Potential Programs are top priorities for companies as they accelerate their desire to retain top talent and their need to prepare future leaders.

Across all companies, we often hear that talent reviews and succession plans focus on a manager’s impact and influence across the organization. Different words and phrases are used to call out development needs, but the central theme seems to be the ability to influence others. Potential leaders and managers are elevated or stalled based on their ability to organize thoughts effectively and present ideas with a presence that stands out in a room.

It’s why communication and the ability to influence is included in every leadership program’s curriculum.

While talent development teams are focused on future skills of a high potential candidate, the candidates themselves are usually more focused on exposure. They recognize that visibility to senior leaders as a high potential candidate can accelerate and validate their next opportunity within a company.

So, the talent development teams are challenged to build a leadership program that delivers on three things: insights into impressions of candidates, training to close skill gaps of the group and visibility to company leaders and opportunities. It’s a tall order! But, it’s SW&A’s sweet spot. We partner with talent development groups to deliver on all three objectives.

First, assessments. We can evaluate impressions and influence through our verbal assessments.

Second, skill training. We can strengthen the skills of individuals to organize ideas and deliver them with confidence.

And third, team visibility. We can support a project or case study exercise among the group that creates the opportunity to build cross-functional relationships and visibility to a senior audience.


Development Objectives

Our goal is to support the development of leadership candidates through the duration of a program to ensure that each participant is well prepared for an expanded opportunity after completing the program. In some instances, we are the sole provider of curriculum elements. In other instances, we are a segment of the program. We have the flexibility to work in either role.

For additional information on how SW&A partners with talent development groups: