Talent Development

Less than 10% of talent development initiatives and events are based on employee interests for personal development. We discovered that trend as we worked with talent development leaders on our book, Disrupted!, which resets beliefs and offers guidance on how to take ownership for your own career path.

Talent development teams are charged with aligning skill development to company priorities and needs. And with rapid growth in most companies, it’s a demanding role to meet current expectations and anticipate future ones. These teams are more visible as influencers than they’ve been in the past. Historically, they set programs and priorities once company strategies and goals were in place. But today, the skills of an employee group are an integral part of planning. Companies can only move as fast as their employee groups can get them there, and the ability to keep skills in step with strategies is a challenge that all companies are trying to figure out.

Content: The talent development team has increased visibility to company leaders. And for many teams, it means learning to up-level conversations and align not just plans but trade-offs to leaders. That’s not an easy transition with content, and we’re helping talent teams bring clarity to talent gaps and offer leaders choices that have compromises and trade-offs within them.

Style: The talent group can be one that focuses on everyone else and forgets to invest in themselves along the way. Personal brand and style work helps talent teams consider their own skill sets and the elements of confidence, commitment and connection that help them position themselves along with ideas.

Situational: From Hi-Po programs to leadership development curriculums, we partner with talent teams to work on their deliverables as well as themselves. We’re the ultimate consultant to this group because our work with companies is often sponsored by the talent team. And that means we have visibility to best practices, tough learnings and comparisons with their peers in other companies and industries. And we leverage all that experience to help a talent team tailor their programs and drive great results with their employees.

For teams, these three steps are the start of a Tailored Program.

For individuals, a combination of Open Programs helps you build your own toolkit.

For insight into our work with professionals throughout a career, download our Career Development Priorities Overview: