The communications team is synonymous with a juggler in a corporate setting.

This group manages industry conferences, analyst calls, media interviews, town hall keynotes…and speakers. For all the balls they keep in the air, most would say managing the speakers is the toughest task of all.

To be managed by the communications team, a speaker is usually leading an organization, shaping thought leadership or creating industry buzz. Regardless of the role, they’re busy people. Some of these corporate speakers seek the stage, but most see these high visibility moments as a necessary part of their role. It’s rarely a priority and often an interruption.

A communications team is often trying to build an event around a keynote speaker who has little time, too much content and sometimes inconsistent skills.

Over time, the communications team will become a trusted advisor and the best internal coach a speaker can have, and the high profile speakers will devote more time for better results.

But what if you don’t have the time for the relationship and the speaker to evolve?

That’s where SW&A can help.


Coaching & Development Objectives

We can help your leaders be great speakers, and your communications team be great partners.

For Communications Teams: We help the communications team gain confidence in building storylines and positioning their ideas with the senior executive audience.

For Speakers: We help corporate spokespeople present themselves and their ideas with impact. They are the greatest asset of the communications team, but they can also be the greatest liability. Every time they speak, they have to be confident, compelling and repeatable.

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