Communication Coaching

The communications team juggles a lot! This group manages industry conferences, analyst calls, media interviews, town hall keynotes…and speakers. For all the balls they keep in the air, most would say managing the speakers is the toughest task of all.

Over time, the communications team becomes a trusted advisor and the best internal communications coach for a high-profile speaker. But what if you don’t have the time for the relationship and the speaker to evolve? That’s where SW&A comes in. We can help your leaders be great speakers, and your communications team become great partners.

Content: We help communications teams gain confidence in building storylines and positioning their ideas with an executive-level audience. Whether the team is presenting a strategy or building a storyline for someone else, our methodology drives a clear and compelling takeaway that makes it easy for others to see the potential and the value of a recommendation.

Style: And if this group is building relationships with senior leaders, it helps to have the confidence to get behind the ideas and feel credible and vested in the concepts they put forward. Feedback and guidance on personal style can strengthen impressions and results.

Situation: Communications teams often ask us to apply the skills above by working through a team update or helping build an overall communications plan and strategy. We can guide the development of a status report or help leaders align to a communications plan. When we strengthen the tools leveraged by a team and the leaders they support, companies see stronger partnerships emerge that lead to better outcomes from high visibility events.

For teams, these three steps are the start of a Tailored Program.

For individuals, a combination of Open Programs helps you build your own toolkit.

Support for Your Speakers

We can also assess and coach the speakers and leaders that this team supports. Many groups ask us to review video or live events to evaluate their key spokespeople and recommend areas for improvement and coaching. This gives the communication team an objective and unbiased assessment that can begin a conversation with a leader about communication coaching opportunities.

Seasoned leaders respond better to communication coaching for a specific event. It’s an easier way to consider new choices and often expands from one event to multiple events once trust and impact have been established.

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