Tailored Coaching Programs

Tailored coaching programs are our trademark. It means we’ve taken our foundational tools and learned enough about your group to fit the tools to your group’s settings and scenarios. Clients often ask if tailored coaching programs are necessary? It’s not essential, but it’s an important distinction. And it makes a significant difference in how your group applies the skills they learn. Here’s why. People approach training literally. When they experience an exercise in a workshop, they understand it applied to the situation where it was demonstrated. But someone’s ability to apply a concept to all situations takes more than one example or a little understanding. It takes internalizing a concept and testing it out in multiple ways to see the transfer of skills.

That’s why SW&A tailored coaching programs begin with a content element and a style element and then adds the situational component to focus exercises and examples to unique situations of your group. This ensures your group has examples that can be applied or copied as they expand their skills. And when we add a coaching element as follow-up to the program, we can even accelerate how quickly you see results.

It’s a better way to think about training.

Make the training work for your group, rather than making your group work to align the training.

Tailored Coaching Programs

SW&A Storyline Structure adapted to:

  • Executive Conversations
  • Customer Conversations
  • Ongoing Report-outs


SW&A Personal Presence & Style adapted to:

  • Presentation settings
  • Meeting settings
  • Virtual settings

SW&A Expertise focused on:

  • Your format & materials
  • Your audiences
  • New challenge

Our Focus Areas highlight how we define the communication needs of different groups.

And the examples below illustrate how we leverage the formula into a training format.