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Author of The Hidden FactorLeading Executive Conversations, Storylines & Storytelling, and most recently, Disrupted! How to Reset Your Brand & Your Career, Sally has written extensively on the fundamentals of spoken communications, helping leaders at all levels become better communicators.

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Storylines & Storytelling: What They Remember and Repeat By Sally Williamson

Stories are a universal communication tool that engage all listeners because we relate to stories and can see ourselves within the experiences. But, when stories are used in business settings, we expect them to deliver more. We need stories to be remembered and repeated. And, that’s a challenge.

Using stories isn’t as easy as it may seem both in terms of shaping stories to align with business situations and telling stories that are compelling enough to repeat. In this book, Sally solves both challenges by providing insights on the listeners’ perspective and concrete tools to shape storylines and stories that deliver impact.

It takes a three-step formula to reach compelling communication: a clear storyline, memorable stories and a compelling storyteller.  Storylines & Storytelling validates each step of the formula through in-depth research and interviews with hundreds of storytellers.  Sally introduces a roadmap for developing and delivering content that transforms every communicator into a compelling storyteller.

Disrupted! How to Reset Your Brand & Your Career

Disruption happens every day across the corporate world. As employees, we experience reorgs, layoffs and acquisitions, and as disrupters ourselves we move cross country, chase ideas and challenge norms. But amidst all the disruption we all experience, some of us seem to thrive in times of turmoil.

These are the communicators who have mastered the two secret arts hidden within corporate disruption: learning how to establish a compelling brand and build an intriguing career narrative. They are skills that take times to perfect, but they’re the differentiator factors between those who are cast adrift from disruption and those who prosper from it.

Disrupted! validates SW&A’s proven methodology through in-depth research and interviews conducted by LaKesha Edwards. And Sally and Hurst Williamson bring that methodology to life, teaching readers how to reset their career and highlight their unique career journey.

Leading Executive Conversations By Sally Williamson

Leading conversations with senior executives is a moment of visibility for many managers. And yet, these conversations can be as much of a liability as an opportunity. It’s the difference in the manager’s perspective and the executive’s expectations.

This book is focused on closing that gap with insights from over 300 managers and executives. We hope it will add value to both perspectives and help your conversations get to memorable outcomes.


The Hidden Factor: Executive Presence By Sally Williamson

The shelves are full of books on leadership: how to attract it, how to develop it and how to manage it. But, within the qualities of effective leadership, lies the more elusive concept of executive presence. Some define it as an aura; others say it’s a swagger, the ability to command a room. Still others say it’s authenticity and personal confidence. Most often, it’s the deciding factor in top-level promotions.

Executive presence has always existed, but in recent years, it has resurfaced as a hot topic among C-Suite executives, succession planners and development officers. We believe that’s because the next generation of leaders doesn’t have it and most believe it can’t be developed.

The Hidden Factor: Executive Presence validates what executive presence is, how it impacts someone’s ability to lead and how to help someone develop it.

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