Individual Coaching

SW&A enables leaders to maximize their leadership potential by improving their communication skills and accelerating their impact with coaching. For each leader, we develop a personalized coaching plan to build on the fundamentals of effective spoken communications. Then, we tailor techniques that will help a leader establish confidence, commitment and connection with every audience. Coaching sessions can be in-person or virtual.

The Reset Toolkit

Disruption happens every day across the corporate world. As employees, we experience reorgs, layoffs and acquisitions, and as disrupters ourselves we move cross country, chase ideas and challenge norms. Whenever and however disruption happens, it causes a reset in a career.

Today, resets are more frequent and often unexpected. And they disrupt employees who aren’t prepared to position themselves for the next opportunity.

SW&A helps you feel prepared by focusing on how to communicate who you are and the value you bring to any role. To reset, you need the right tools to position your brand and your experience. And we’ve packaged our reset tools into four easy steps that help you put your best foot forward for the next opportunity.

The Career Narrative Package

Your career journey or narrative is how you talk about yourself and your achievements. And in a world with ever changing disruption, this is the skill that you need to master if you have big aspirations. It’s not enough to have accomplishments. Everyone has those. You have to set yourself apart from every other qualified candidate. You have to be able to tell a compelling narrative that highlights experiences, trials and triumphs, and the unique attributes that make you, you.

And at the right point in your career, the ability to package that narrative could lead to a quantum leap in your opportunities. It’s not about preparing for any opportunity; it’s about preparing for THE opportunity. The pivotal point in your career where you take a giant step in responsibility and leadership.

You know how to build the expertise to qualify for the opportunity. And SW&A knows how to build the narrative that sets you apart in every conversation. We partner with you to repackage and reposition your brand and your career. And we support the full interview process to help you take the quantum leap from where you are today to the big opportunity ahead.

Personal Presence & Style Skills

SW&A helps raise awareness of impressions and the intentional choices that you can make to strengthen your brand and your ability to influence any audience. Style coaching includes personal presentation, personal appearance, voice energy and authority, physical involvement and posture, body language and stance, and listening skills.

Strengthen Influence

SW&A helps individuals integrate new communication skills into any situation from influencing team members, running remote meetings, preparing presentations and leading senior level conversations.

Career Coaching

SW&A helps individuals prepare for interviews by linking their career path to a new opportunity. For most clients, the conversation shifts from what they know to what they say. While their resume and experiences may get them through the door, it will be their personal presence and their ability to prepare memorable examples that will best position them for a job offer. This format provides a client with a framework for developing key messages to support their resume and build interest in a conversation. Then, participants participate in mock interviews to gain insights on impressions and to build confidence in their personal style.

Transition to a New Role

SW&A helps managers and leaders develop a transition plan to introduce their brand to a team whether they’re joining a new company or expanding their role within an existing one. It’s true that most employees give a new leader about 90 days to settle in and set direction. The challenge is most leaders focus too much on what they plan to do and not enough on what they need to hear. And even the best message falls flat because it doesn’t start with the right perspective. With an SW&A transition plan, leaders observe more, learn more and feel ready to communicate a plan that illustrates their learning and builds support for a new direction.

Storyline & Message Development

SW&A coaches the essential skills to lead a high level conversation to meet the listener’s perspective and expectations. Content work will address issues such as defining a clear objective, creating a compelling message, analyzing an audience, incorporating examples and stories, and answering questions.

Prepare for Media Interviews

Success in a media interview is based on preparation. Although most people are preppedfor interviews with content overviews, desired outcomes, and some prepared messages, an interviewee still has to take time to think through the execution of those ideas. And it can be difficult to turn a list of questions and responses into a succinct way of getting a few key points across. We coach communicators to leverage an SW&A messaging document to turn any interview into a focused conversation of key messages and repeatable sound bites. And once the tools work for the communicator, we shift our work to the communicator themselves with coaching on how to stay calm and focused in order to appear confident and credible.