SW&A Video Programs

A shift to different formats and shorter programs has created an opportunity to offer our content in new ways. By popular demand, some of the SW&A insights are now available in video format through subscriptions on our platform or your own. It’s a high-quality production leveraged with a low commitment of time. The SW&A videos deliver quick tips on timely topics and allow employers to reach hundreds of employees at the same time.

It’s not a replacement for SW&A coaching or guiding a team to adopt a new approach. But it can help a large group of employees rethink, reset and adjust to change quickly.

AVAILABLE NOW: The Virtual Communication Video – Establishing Visibility & Impact from a Home Office

Our Virtual Communication recorded program is a microlearning course complete with:

  • A total of 25-minutes of instructor-led scenarios and coaching techniques
  • Post-module quizzes to track engagement, completion and improvement
  • SW&A’s award-winning methodology for compelling virtual communication

Key learning components include:

  • Aligning personal and corporate expectations
  • Setting up a dedicated workstation/home office
  • Importance of setting and style in virtual communication
  • Leading effective virtual meetings
  • Creating a lasting impression with remote audiences
  • Staying connected with team members in the office

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