Communication is an all-encompassing skill that impacts every employee through the results of meetings, the outcome of presentations and the personal impressions that take hold across an organization. We help people influence all of these situations. We begin that process by evaluating two fundamentals: content…what you say and style…how you say it.


What You Say

Content – Most listeners give the communicator about 30 seconds to set a message and direction for the storyline. An effective communicator learns how to format ideas to frame a message and set the structure quickly to keep the listener(s) involved. We teach how to organize a storyline, create a compelling message and leverage stories and examples to be sure sound bites are heard and remembered.


How You Say It

Style – Personal style is presence and the ability to engage an individual or a group from the start of a conversation. Listeners describe an effective communicator as someone who comes across as confident and credible, conveys a sense of commitment to their topic and a personal interest in connecting the topic to each listener. We teach the intentional choices communicators make to deliver on those impressions.