Today – We’re Here When You Need Us

SW&A’s mission remains the same, but the skills we teach have greatly expanded, solving client problems today and anticipating communication needs in new settings. No matter the situation, we’re here when you need us!

2021- Disrupted! How to Reset Your Brand & Your Career

Book #4 launched as a special collaboration between Sally & Hurst.  Guiding someone to take ownership for their brand and career narrative, the book is the foundation for our Stewarding Your Career program.

2020 – Launch of SWAU

And when the world turned upside down, we turned internally and leveraged the time to launch a self-guided coaching platform. SWAU is like having a coach right in your home with over 200 learning modules.

2018 – Storylines & Storytellers

Our third book ignited a passion for storytelling. From experience stories to data stories, helping people get involved and invested in their illustrations is one of the most energizing things we do.

2017 – SW&A Goes Global

Growing and Going!  We’ve always worked with clients from across the globe, but this year we covered the globe by going to clients in EMEA, LATAM and APAC.

2016 – It’s a Family Business

He might argue he was there in the attic office, but in 2016, Hurst made it official when he joined the team. We didn’t set out to build a family business, but we’ve been intentional about growing the business as a family.

2015- West Coast Bound

More than fifteen years of relationships had been seeded, and as clients move from one company to another, we love to stay in touch. Sometimes, we even follow them.  And that’s what we did in 2015 with the debut of our programs in Silicon Valley and the opening of our first satellite office.

2014- Leading Executive Conversations

Book #2 is released along with our methodology for bridging the communication gap between managers and senior leaders. Fun fact, even after all this time, it’s still our best-selling book!

2011- The Hidden Factor

Our team celebrates the release of Sally’s first book on Executive Presence. And with the book comes the launch of three new programs!

2010- The Coaching Bench Expands

A reputation takes hold, and success attracts success. SW&A’s team continues to grow as we develop a coaching curriculum and launch open-enrollment programs.