Could We Be Your Elf On The Shelf?

Have you ever wondered how we know what we know
How we can determine the choices that will help you to grow?
For thirty some years it’s been a big secret
It now can be shared if you promise to keep it!

First, we gather the facts from evaluation and review.
And, we take a keen interest in what your listeners say about you.
You should know when they sigh and when they stand up to clap
You should know how they describe every communication challenge and gap.
Are you driving results? Are your points succinct and clear?
Or, do you need to put influence on your goals for next year?

We gather perspective. It’s as if we’ve been sitting on your shelf.
And, it may be the right time to evaluate and invest in yourself!
Whether it’s style or content, we’re experts at heart!
We know communication, both the science and art.
But, we see common mistakes made each and every day
That prevent folks like you from making an impact with what you say.

If we could see you at work, would we like what we see?
Do you put in the time to make communication everything it should be?
Or, are you juggling too much? Are your meetings a mess;
Are you scattered in your thinking and dealing with project stress?

Are you always on devices? Do you type as you listen?
Is there a lack of response and non-verbal cues that you’re missing?
Would your listeners say: It’s more than day to day
They don’t hear points in your keynote or a clear the takeaway.
That sounds like a storyline and message development,
There’s nothing too complex that we can’t help you make relevant.

Communication can differ across every directive,
What is truly important is a dose of perspective.
Listen to the feedback, don’t put it back on the shelf.
You won’t become a master communicator by yourself.
This skill isn’t magic, it takes work and precious time.
But, it’s the best investment you can make with yourself and your dime.

And, that’s the secret that we promised to reveal
How do others get ahead and master this at will?
They have an SW&A coach, an elf that you don’t know
We work behind the scenes, so most don’t see us come and go.

We can help manage co-workers and pinpoint your stress
We can develop frameworks and untangle the meeting mess.
We can manage the nerves you feel in front of a crowd
And make sure your points are clear when you say them out loud.

Could you use an elf? A communication coach?
We’re up for the challenge with a tailored approach.
But Santa won’t bring us, you’ll have to let us know
So, hurry…don’t wait until another evaluation comes and goes.