It’s hard to quantify technologists as a division or a group because they’re a part of every function within a company. In short order, they become a critical part of communicating a direction, a vision or a key initiative because they build a foundation of enablement that powers just about everything.

As communicators, they play a powerful role because buy-in pivots from their thoughts. They either establish trust and confidence in how something will get done or they can create confusion and roadblocks from lack of understanding.

As critical as their role is to alignment and advancement of strategies, most technologists rank communication as their weakest skill. It’s understandable because their day-to-day language may be one of bits and bytes, not stories and analogies. When they think about communicating ideas, they approach conversations by talking through how things could happen rather than what should happen and why. This leads any listener into a barrage of details rather than outcomes. It’s confusing because technologists work in details, and it isn’t easy to transition away from the details to communicate concepts and outcomes.

We’ve helped many technology individuals and groups understand the power of storylines and the core elements of influencing and impacting listeners through communication.


Development Objectives

Our goal is to help technologists get to clear communication, confident impressions and memorable takeaways. Through custom programs and coaching, we can help technical communicators reach the following objectives:

  • Adopt methodology and frameworks to build a clear and compelling storyline
  • Position clear messaging and outcomes from communication
  • Leverage their role to become influential leaders in an organization
  • Gain greater awareness of personal impressions and impact

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