Frosty the VP

Frosty the VP
Was a manager with style
With a story here and a story there
He engaged listeners all the while

Frosty the VP
Had a takeaway for every call
He made data sing
And presentations ring
To departments big and small

There must have been some magic
In those stories that he told
For when he got up in a room
Even the CFO was sold

Frosty the VP
Made slides as alive as they could be
And his employees said
He was better than TED
As his brand spread across the company

His magic was
The tools he got
From SW&A;
For we helped him organize his thoughts
In a compelling kind of way

And into every meeting
With his points aligned just right
He’d brought laughs and cheer into every chair
And put the whole room in his sight

Frosty the VP
Is so many of you today
And as the year says goodbye
And reindeer start to fly
We’ll be wishing you Happy Holidays from SW&A!