SW&A Content Planner

We created our online tool, the SW&A Content Planner, to support the methodology taught in our content development programs. This means you’ll have the ability to log in to our site and follow the steps for creating a presentation outline or a conversation framework. While it’s a stand-alone tool, we’ll introduce the planner into our classes as an easy and effective way to create messaging and drive a clear storyline.

Why do you need a storyline? You want to make sure you address the three most common things an executive, or any audience, listens for:  What’s your point? How are we going to get there? Prove the benefit. The planner helps you learn the discipline of developing a storyline which is critical to the success of any conversation or presentation.

To access the planner go to www.planapresentation.com. Create an account with a customized username and password. Then, log in to the tool and decide what level of access you would like. For only $24.95 you can access the tool for 30 days. Or, pay $20 per month when you subscribe for a year. If you want everyone in your group to have an account, contact Kimberly Gray Fess at kimberly@sallywilliamson.com to discuss a group discount.