Custom Programs

The expectations and demands on communicators increase across a career. While the tools are durable, we approach the development or refinement of the skills differently based on an individual’s career phase. Through our custom programs, SW&A’s goal is to support the development of leaders who can deliver clear communication, confident impressions and memorable takeaways – improving outcomes across their organization.

Early Career

Early Career
(Under 30)

Strengthening Personal Brand & Impressions
Setting the Course for Success
Landing the Job: Interviews


(Sr. Manager, Director, VP)

Connecting Stories to Storylines
Leading Executive Conversations
Mastering Executive Presence
Effective Remote Meetings
Delivering Effective Feedback

Peak Career

Peak Career
(SVP, EVP, C-Suite)

Executive Coaching:

Master Storyteller
Compelling Presence
Message Development
Verbal Assessments
Transition to a New Role
Establish Thought Leadership
Prepare for Media Interviews