Early Career (Under 30)

Today’s young employees enter the workforce eager to make an impact with technical skills. In short order, they do. But as corporate cultures relax and office environments position everyone side-by-side, employees gain visibility quickly. The skills needed to set the right impression or build a credible personal brand aren’t as easy to understand. SW&A leads many early career programs to raise awareness of the impact of presence and the ability to make intentional choices that strengthen a personal brand.

Strengthening Personal Brand & Impressions

At an early career level, individuals want to build a foundation of skills that increase their confidence and can build experience as valued employees. This program focuses on personal branding and making choices that build credibility and opportunity. The program takes participants through an exploration of personal impressions, awareness of habits and intentional choices that can influence impact in any communication setting.

Setting the Course for Success

SW&A also delivers short seminars and custom programs for early career employees. These half-day programs are an abbreviated version of key components from “Show Up & Be Heard,” including personal branding, presence and storytelling.

Landing the Job: Interviews

SW&A helps individuals land their first or second job in a one-day program on job interviews. For college grads and early career individuals, this conversation shifts from what they know to what they say. While their hard work and high marks will get them through the door, it will be their personal presence and their ability to prepare thoughtful sound bites that will best position them for a job offer. This program provides each participant with a framework for developing key messages to support their resume and create interest in a conversation. Then, participants participate in mock interviews to gain insights on impressions and to build confidence in their personal style.