Mid-Career (Sr. Manager, Director, VP)

Mid-career communicators feel all the pressure points of influence. While they may have developed skills to feel more comfortable leading a discussion or reporting out on a project, they are now the key drivers of initiatives and the lead communicators of teams. They’ve gone from subject matter experts to the mighty middle of an organization. They drive goals, they own results and they have to be credible. Our programs take seasoned managers from average communicators to influencers by strengthening their ability to organize a storyline and deliver it with confidence and conviction.

High-Potential Coaching

SW&A’s coaching format can easily attach to existing high-potential programs. Our goal with high-potential coaching is to support the development of leadership candidates through the duration of a program to ensure that each participant is well prepared for an expanded opportunity after completing the program. In some instances, we are the sole provider of curriculum elements. In other instances, we are a segment of the program. We have the flexibility to work in either role.

Connecting Stories to Storylines

Effective communication leads a listener on a journey whether you’re on a stage, across a conference table or on a video conference. In order to reach a clear objective, you need a compelling message, a well-thought out storyline and repeatable stories that help the listener follow the journey and embrace your concepts. In fact, we say it takes three elements to be memorable and repeatable: the storyline, the stories and a compelling storyteller. This program introduces the concepts needed to create a compelling storyline and tell memorable stories.

Leading Executive Conversations

Research has shown that senior executives evaluate conversations with their managers based on personal credibility and the ability to solve business needs. The missing component in most executive conversations is a clear message. More than any other listener, an executive wants to know the bottom-line benefit or decision that needs to be made right up front. This program teaches the fundamentals of organizing a high level conversation to meet the executive’s perspective and expectations.

Mastering Executive Presence

As managers progress in their careers, executive presence becomes an expectation of leadership. Presence isn’t something you give yourself but something you earn from those around you who come to respect your right to speak and your ability to lead. Presence isn’t a technique but an embedded skill that becomes a personal brand trait and helps a communicator influence a group of listeners.

This program is a follow-up to our Strengthening Personal Brand & Impressions course and is aimed at seasoned managers or new leaders who want to strengthen their ability to engage and influence listeners.

Effective Remote Meetings

This high-tech communications platform has its own unique set of challenges. Participants will experience a scenario built around a meeting simulation to show best practices and facilitation techniques that can make remote meetings more interactive and impactful for listeners. This virtual program introduces a framework for structuring and leading an effective meeting using a remote medium.

Delivering Effective Feedback

Although technology continues to impact the way we work and the way we communicate, verbal skills and personal impressions remain key qualities of a leader. Many managers just don’t get enough practice at sharpening their skills. This program applies the fundamentals of communication to delivering feedback that identifies a gap and helps an employee map out clear and actionable steps to move beyond the gap.