High Stakes Events

Message Development

From sales positioning to product launches to keynote speeches, SW&A helps companies craft their story and leaders shape their vision. Content work can be part of a larger project that combines our writing with team training or an element of executive coaching that helps a leader set a new direction. Our goal is to help any team or leader leverage communication to influence outcomes and bring clarity and intention to company goals and strategies.

Conference Support & Keynote Presentations

Some events feel more important than others with higher stakes and higher visibility. And when a communicator wants more durability from their content and more shelf life from their message, we invest in writing the storyline for them and helping them bring it to life with their delivery.

A compelling communicator uses both their words and their style to influence, and we think bringing the two together is what makes a communicator effective. So, we seldom take on the writing without the coaching.

But for a former client who’s style we know, writing can be integrated into a coaching engagement or treated as a separate project.

We take on writing for an entire conference and multiple speakers or a single speaker who wants their content to stand out.

Investment Presentations

Messaging is critical when your company wants capital to grow your business. And, it isn’t easy because the investor audience is looking for a different element of your story. Investors care less about where the company has been and more about where the company could go. SW&A builds storylines from the investor perspective and helps position market opportunity as well as product capability. And, we coach your top team to tell the story well.

Facilitated Sessions

Before we build a storyline, you need to develop a strategy. SW&A facilitates team meetings and leadership retreats to pull ideas from a team and draft the elements of a communication plan and strategy.