The Career Narrative Package

Your career journey or narrative is how you talk about yourself and your achievements. And in a world with ever-changing disruption, this is the skill that you need to master if you have big aspirations. It’s not enough to have accomplishments. Everyone has those. You have to set yourself apart from every other qualified candidate.  You have to be able to tell a compelling narrative that highlights experiences, trials and triumphs, and the unique attributes that make you, you.

And at the right point in your career, the ability to package that narrative could lead to a quantum leap in your opportunities.  It’s not about preparing for any opportunity; it’s about preparing for THE opportunity.  The pivotal point in your career where you take a giant step in responsibility and leadership.

You know how to build the expertise to qualify for the opportunity. And SW&A knows how to build the narrative that sets you apart in every conversation. We partner with you to repackage and reposition your brand and your career. And we support the full interview process to help you take the quantum leap from where you are today to the big opportunity ahead.

Coaching Overview: This engagement leverages the four steps of our Reset Toolkit and doubles the feedback and coaching to go beyond preparation for interviews and deeper into packaging your brand as a leader.

PART ONE: The Story of You: Our engagement starts with an assessment and an interview to get to know you. We gather background, insights, impressions and experiences to understand your career journey to date. Then, we draft your story to help you uncover the cumulative learnings across your career. This sets the foundation of who you are and helps us present your brand back to you.  As the narrative unfolds, so do the unique attributes of your brand and your impact. 

PART TWO: The Packaging of You:  Your narrative helps us package your resume and an SW&A messaging document to bring your experiences to life.  The tools may shift with each conversation, and we’ll coach you how to modify elements and focus on core messages to make any interview memorable.  We’ll transform your experiences into stories that can be used to illustrate your impact and establish an authentic connection with any listener.

PART THREE: The Opportunity for You:  Once you’re set, we make sure your view of opportunities is as broad and comprehensive as it could be. We build a short-term plan or a long-term strategy to get to THE opportunity. We’ll strategize on what it takes to open doors and accelerate opportunities within a company or across an industry.

PART FOUR: From Here to There: And finally, we get you ready to lead a compelling conversation. Whether it’s building visibility or interviewing for a specific opportunity, your impact and executive presence come together as we coach you prior to each meeting or interview. We can’t guarantee you a winning role, but we can ensure you’ll be the best prepared and well-presented candidate in the race.

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