The Reset Toolkit

Disruption happens every day across the corporate world. As employees, we experience reorgs, layoffs and acquisitions, and as disrupters ourselves we move cross country, chase ideas and challenge norms. Whenever and however disruption happens, it causes a reset in a career.

Today, resets are more frequent and often unexpected. And they disrupt employees who aren’t prepared to position themselves for the next opportunity.

SW&A helps you feel prepared by focusing on how to communicate who you are and the value you bring to any role. To reset, you need the right tools to position your brand and your experience. And we’ve packaged our reset tools into four easy steps that help you put your best foot forward for the next opportunity.

Coaching Overview: This coaching package can be conducted in-person or virtually.

STEP ONE: Defining You: Our engagement starts with a simple interview to get to know you. We want to understand what makes you tick! Through a questionnaire and an interview, we’ll uncover strengths and challenges, likes and dislikes, experiences to-date, and roles you’re looking for.  We’ll also review your resume and key skills for your next opportunity.

STEP TWO: Illustrating Experiences: Our next step aligns your resume to an SW&A messaging document to package and position your experiences as transferable skills.  This helps you go deeper in discussion and allows you to influence the direction of the interview.

STEP THREE: Uncovering Opportunities: Once we know your experience and your story, we’ll partner with you to identify potential job openings and to customize your resume and tailor your experiences for these opportunities.

STEP FOUR: Getting Ready: And finally, we’ll build your confidence and impact through a blend of mock interviews and 1:1 coaching. We’ll cover the basics of impressions and personal style and tighten your stories to deliver compelling and memorable soundbites.

Fees: $3,000-$4,000


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