Virtual Offerings

SW&A offers a comprehensive and tailored training solution for every client. And when bringing a team together for a training event is not possible, we also offer virtual options to develop communication skills and maximize leadership potential. Our virtual offerings can be offered as stand-alone options, paired with in-person sessions, or delivered as a learning series.

The Virtual Communicator

Most teams leverage a virtual format occasionally, so remote working isn’t an entirely new concept. But the reality is most people often lean on their in-person communications skills and assume that they transfer OK for remote communication. They don’t! The concepts that work for managing a team and communicating effectively while virtual require a different set of skills. Some concepts transfer OK; others don’t at all. 

That’s why SW&A is helping managers and teams rethink their virtual image by focusing on three elements of virtual communication: Preparation, Participation and Presence.


The Blind Spots of a Virtual Communicator
Expectations of a Virtual Listener
Virtual Meeting Dynamics
Leading with Empathy

SW&A Learning Series

Developing training for remote and global teams can be quite the challenge! It requires a program that delivers comprehensive learning objectives in short segments that can be added and subtracted easily to each other. It takes the energy of a great instructor, the expertise of a flexible coach and the personal touch of our team who can combine all the pieces to create an engaging and personal experience. It’s a tall order, but it’s one we love at SW&A!

Our Virtual Learning Series begins with an assessment to identify skill gaps across a team, create measures of success, and to help participants identify and work towards solutions that bring consistency and clarity into your organization.

Then we introduce a customized schedule of seminars and coaching sessions to help participants learn how to distill their expertise into memorable and repeatable messaging, present their ideas with confidence, and leverage the power of stories to increase influence and impact across the organization.

Collaborative Group Coaching

Group coaching allows us to facilitate in-depth sessions in coaching circles of 3-5 participants. The small group format allows us to identify common challenges and then develop, reinforce, and explore new skills through the lens of participants’ ongoing situations. The continuity of a series of sessions allows us to expand the learning, deepen confidence and consistency across a small group and strengthen camaraderie within a team as they begin to trust and respect each other’s skills during the coaching process.

Effective Remote Meetings

Virtual 1:1 Coaching

Live Events

Virtual Seminar Series

Our Single Session Series are tailored, virtual seminars designed to introduce large teams to the SW&A methodologies and tools that drive effective communication. These sessions are taught in an interactive, lecture-style format to introduce message development, executive presence and storytelling with simple and applicable tips in every session.