Disrupted! How to Reset Your Brand & Your Career

By Sally Williamson & Hurst Williamson

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Chapter 1 – Disrupted!

Chapter 3 – Corporate Disruption – Insights from Talent Development

Chapter 19 – Corporate Priorities – Insights from Talent Acquisition

Disruption happens every day across the corporate world. As employees, we experience reorgs, layoffs and acquisitions, and as disrupters ourselves we move cross country, chase ideas and challenge norms. Whenever and however disruption happens, it causes a reset in a career.

Talent leaders agree. The resets are more frequent and often unexpected. And they disrupt employees who aren’t prepared to position themselves for the next opportunity. And it’s why talent leaders advise that individuals should take ownership for their own career path and development.

We believe it means being able to communicate who you are and the value you bring to any role. To reset, you need the right tools to establish a compelling brand and build an intriguing career narrative. And in Disrupted!, we provide the tools and the guidance to reset well.


More from the authors and researcher about the book

Why We Wrote the Book

Sally Williamson (Author) shares some background on why we wrote Disrupted!

What’s in the Book?

Hurst Williamson (Author) shares some background on what’s in the pages of Disrupted!

The Research Behind the Book

LaKesha Edwards (Researcher) gives us insight into what the research for Disrupted! showed us.

What Talent Leaders are Saying About Disrupted!
“In today’s fast-paced work environment, you’ll have many opportunities to shift roles and consider new directions. But you need to be able to present yourself, your brand and your experiences effectively. The SW&A team is a trusted resource to help individuals do that and Disrupted! is a great addition to their approach.”
Kim Sullivan
Chief People Officer, Concentrix

“Sally’s rationale and approach for intentionally defining personal brand and career development is spot on. As agency has shifted from the employer to the individual for crafting a personal career journey, Sally’s framework in Disrupted! provides important and helpful insights to guide and define your career through moments of disruption.”
Susan Otto
Chief People Officer, BlackLine

“As a talent leader, I see potential every day; it’s actually one of my greatest professional pleasures. And over time, I take note of those that take responsibility for turning potential into opportunity. If you asked me how to do that, I’d give you this book and tell you to follow the insights and guidance that will help you position your brand and share the value of your story. As Sally’s book points out, even amidst disruption, you have the ability to dramatically impact your ‘next chapter.’”
Scott Murphy
Senior Vice President, Strategic Leadership Development, Boys & Girls Club of America



Disrupted! How to Reset Your Brand & Your Career


Disrupted! validates SW&A’s proven methodology through in-depth research and interviews conducted by LaKesha Edwards. And Sally Williamson and Hurst Williamson bring that methodology to life, teaching readers how to reset their career and highlight their unique career journey.

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