Manager to Leader

Many managers aspire to be leaders, and with the right effort and development, they may be. But with the “great resignation” and continued churn in leadership roles, some managers have been challenged to lead sooner than planned. Almost overnight, they’ve stepped up to roles that they thought were a few years down the road. It’s exciting to see companies accelerate new leaders, and it’s risky to see individuals try to navigate a role they weren’t quite ready for. Companies are asking new leaders to figure it out as they go, and new leaders are struggling to get up to speed without the experiences and skills to guide more complex teams and decisioning.

And that’s why SW&A has developed a program and a playbook to help seasoned managers transition to confident leaders. It starts with setting guidelines to identify the skill sets a leader needs, the team dynamics they should develop and the relationships that they should leverage to gain confidence quickly. It’s a combination of awareness, best practices, new tools and coaching to help a leader focus on the right things as they build the support they need to set direction, align individuals to actions and drive teams to outcomes.

This program best supports a new leader who feels significant change in a new role. Their responsibilities have expanded by the number of functions they oversee and the number of employees in their group. Their portfolio has become a diverse group of functions that may not have natural alignment or reason to work well together. They balance priorities to different stakeholders and they feel full responsibility for delivering on goals, initiatives and outcomes.

This is a one-day program in Atlanta with 3 additional hours of Executive Coaching.


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