Stewarding Your Career

How to Develop a Compelling and Brand a Captivating Career Story

At some point, we’re all asked to share our career stories. And that’s because sharing your experiences helps people get to know you and trust you. Your stories make you real. But they can also make you vulnerable. And that’s why many of us worry our stories aren’t important enough to tell.

That isn’t so. Everyone has a story or two within them. In fact, career journeys aren’t limited to successes. They’re crooked paths with dead ends and roadblocks. That’s why we connect to them. Personal stories help us see a glimpse of what we have in common.

In this session, we’ll bring personal storytelling to life as a key pillar of leadership. It’s hard to tell your own story. And that’s because leaders are much more focused on their successes. That’s what you want the group to know about. It’s “How I Did This” or “How I Built This.” But the points of connection are always the struggles. It’s the little steps that make you human and vulnerable.

It’s hard to map out stories because you lived them, and you don’t always see the color that brings your experiences to life. It’s less a chronology of everything you did, and more the cumulative learnings that shape who you’ve become and the stories you use to bring those learnings to life.

This session covers the following ideas:

• Connection through Experiences
• Highs and Lows Make Leaders Real
• Two Illustrations of Career Journeys

• How to Chart your Own Career Journey

• The Art & Science of Storytelling
• What Makes Stories Memorable
• How to Tell a Story with Impact


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