Spreading Holiday Cheer

There’s nothing quite like the holidays!
Candles and fires all a-glow.
The children are buzzing with excitement,
And everyone is hoping for snow.

But amidst all the tinsel,
All the laughter, and friends old and new,
Remember what makes the year-end special,
And for us – it comes down to you!

Thank you for trusting our insights
For building skills over a series of days.
Because when you invest in people,
Skills lead to outcomes in many different way!

Happy Holidays from the SW&A Team!

‘Twas the Night Before the Keynote

‘Twas the Night before the Keynote, and all through backstage

Every comms person was stirring, from Michael to Paige;

The teleprompter was locked after much pleading and shouting,

All edits were stopped, even though speakers were pouting;

Yet one keynote speaker was snug in their bed,

As their vision for the storyline played out in their head;

Warm in their PJs, their dog listening proud,

As they practiced the opening right out loud.

For out of the mangled and deep-weeded clatter,

They’d carved out their message to tell what really did matter.

As the townhall opened the very next day,

The scurrying continued each and every single way,

Except for the speaker, well-rested and spry,

Who touched up one last note and was ready to fly.

“If we do this,” they began with a smile and a wink,

“We’ll increase our sales more than you could possibly think!”

Their vision was clear and their stories were too,

They knew how to connect with me and with you.

And as their Keynote wrapped up with a big round of applause,

They left the stage after an appreciative pause.

The Keynote was grand and the year launched with style,

Because they put in our number and then they hit dial.

As your New Year begins in just a few weeks,

Let us know if your Keynote is still looking bleak.

For where there’s a story or message in doubt,

That’s when the SW&A magic turns out.

Whether you need us tomorrow or on a cold winter night,

We wish you a Happy New Year and hope your holidays are bright!


From all of us to all of you… we wish you a joyful and restful Holiday.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

SW&A Team

Wrap it Up!

Oh, the year we’ve had was frightful
We didn’t find much delightful;
And that’s why we say “time is up”
Let’s wrap it up, wrap it up! wrap it up!
It didn’t show signs of stalling
So, we Zoomed in for workshops and calling;
We coached lights, mikes and how not to give up,
But now let’s wrap it up, wrap it up, wrap it up.
When we finally saw the screens fill
In your bedrooms, garages and kitchens;
We knew with the right set of skills
You would get through the worst of conditions.
And now the tough year is ending
We can focus on great new beginnings;
And this year, our message is clear
Wrap it up! Wrap it up! Wrap it up!
In keeping with our holiday tradition, we offer the light-hearted jingle to bring a smile to your year’s wrap-up. But we recognize that the year has brought more than frustration to some of our friends and clients. And so we add a prayer for healing, for health and for better times ahead.

From all of us to all of you… a joyful and restful Holiday.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

SW&A Team