The Hidden Factor: Executive Presence

A Must-Read Book by Sally Williamson

The Hidden Factor

The shelves are full of books on leadership: how to attract it, how to develop it and how to manage it. But, within the qualities of effective leadership, lies the more elusive concept of Executive Presence. Some define it as an aura; others say it's swagger, the ability to command a room. Still others say it's authenticity and personal confidence. Most often, it's the deciding factor in top-level promotions.

Executive presence has always existed, but in recent years, it has resurfaced as a hot topic among C-Suite executives, succession planners and development officers. We believe that's because the next generation of leaders doesn't have it and most believe it can't be developed.

The Hidden Factor: Executive Presence validates what executive presence is, how it impacts someone's ability to lead and how to help someone develop it.  In addition to the book, we offer workshops on Executive Presence for individuals who want to explore the topic.  We also develop custom workshops on Executive Presence for departments or teams.  To discuss workshops, please contact our business development director, Kimberly Gray Fess at 404-475-6550 or

If you would like to order a copy of Sally's book, The Hidden Factor: Executive Presence, please call our office at 404-475-6550.  We are offering a discount on bulk orders for clients, corporations, non-profits and conferences.  If interested in placing a bulk order, please contact Stephanie Jones at  The book is also available via Amazon, including a Kindle version.