Open Programs

While most of our programs are for internal groups, we offer open programs as a way for customers to see the core methodology and for individuals to attend a course if we don’t have a tailored offering within their companies. In these instances, we encourage an individual to build the SW&A formula on their own with a course on content and a course on style, and then adding coaching hours to address their unique situations.

It’s a better way to think about training.

Make the training work for you, rather than working to apply the training.

Open Programs

Content 1.0 – Storyline Structure

Content 2.0 – Executive Conversations

Style 1.0 – Personal Brand & Impressions

Style 2.0 – Your Style & Your Presence

1:1 Coaching

We’ve also developed Situational programs to focus on current priorities for employee growth and leadership development.

  • The Virtual Communicator
  • The Master Storyteller
  • Stewarding your Career
  • Manager to Leader
  • Handling the Q&A