Talent Acquisition

Most talent acquisition teams are tasked to find, attract, and on-board the best talent for their organization’s growing priorities, while simultaneously planning for future needs and maintaining a strong talent pipeline as roles change or employees leave. It’s a tall order! And frankly, one that can’t be delivered without the help of current employees and leaders.

Getting an entire company involved in talent acquisition takes compelling communication to help leaders think about talent as an on-going priority and strategy. It’s convincing leaders and employees to think about every industry presentation as an opportunity to position the brand and connect with future employees.

The talent acquisition team needs to be the business partner who inspires regional or global teams to invest in attracting talent, as well as implementing trainings to help the candidates grow and in turn, attract more talent.

And that’s where we can help!

We work with talent acquisition teams to strengthen communication influence and impact across their organizations. By developing their spoken communication skills, talent acquisition team leaders are empowered to speak up for what they need to attract and grow their team, as well as implement the programs necessary to help that talent gain visibility and opportunity within their organizations.

The key components of spoken communication, and the skills talent acquisition teams can use to their advantage, consist of storytelling, compelling messaging, and personal branding.


Development Objectives

Our goal is to empower talent acquisition leaders and teams with the skills needed to strengthen their influence and impact within their organization to be heard and gain the buy-in needed to keep talent developing their talent acquisition pipeline as well as improving their candidate. We do this through custom programs as well as coaching sessions to help improve skills such as storytelling, developing a compelling message, and strengthening person brand.

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