The Power of Mentoring Among Women with TD Bank

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Today, we have the opportunity to discuss women in leadership and the value of sisterhood and structured mentor programs on the success of modern business women with four female leaders from TD Bank. These ladies will also share how stories impact authenticity, growth, and inspiration within an organization when operating as leaders.

More about Molly Abair:
Molly Abair is the Executive Credit Officer for TD Bank’s New England Metro. In this role, she is responsible for the adjudication of commercial loan requests, ensuring the portfolio grows within the banks’ risk appetite. She’s honed the ability to bring together stakeholders with differing views, understand their perspectives, and facilitate a collaborative approach to success. Molly’s instinctive approach to leadership and talent development aligns TD Bank’s vision and framework. Her intent focus on customer and employee experiences has contributed greatly to consistently strong business results.

More about Rachel Wilner
Rachel Wilner is a respected leader and senior executive for the commercial banking team managing the Delaware and Chester County regions for TD Bank. She has demonstrated the ability to produce strong results in multiple regions of the bank and within other financial institutions during her career. Rachel is a recognized coach and mentor, has successfully developed high caliber teams, has cultivated deep relationships with clients who view her as a trusted advisor, and is also deeply committed to the communities she serves.

More about Emily Stoddard
Emily Stoddard is the Middle Market Team Lead for New York City. Emily is responsible for leading a commercial banking team to grow TD Bank’s loan portfolio through deposits, products and services offered to middle-market businesses throughout the five boroughs of New York City. She is recognized as a strong client professional and a strategic leader who consistently motivates her team to deliver results while being passionate and disciplined.

More about Cindy Stover
Cindy S. Stover is the North Florida Market President for TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®. As Market President, she has leadership responsibilities over the Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona Beach and Ocala areas of Florida. Cindy is responsible for the successful operational management of Commercial banking while providing leadership and guidance for TD Bank’s North Florida overall strategic and market performance.

Show Highlights

  • On women in leadership… 1 in 5 leaders are women in the finance industry. How has TD Bank improved this statistic for themselves? How does diversity play a role? What about confidence?
  • What are the top skills needed to help leaders develop? Are any of the necessary skills particular to women? How do relationship building, listening, and communication skills play a role in reaching collaborative solutions?
  • Where did these ladies find feedback early in their careers? What difference did it make? How important is having a mentor?
  • How did the team begin to think about mentoring, and how did the program come together and evolve at TD Bank? In what way did “paying it forward” help develop the program? What does the group do when they meet and how do these group sessions assist the women involved? How did they structure it?
  • Sisterhood plays a role, but the right leaders need to be in the room and be able to mentor. How did Cindy get involved in the program? And what does she get out of her mentee relationships? Have the men within the organization been supportive?
  • How has structure benefited mentors and mentees alike? What would women leaders who believe they are already good mentors gain from being part of a structured group of mentors? 
  • How does a woman’s image impact her career? How can a woman’s image detract from her ability to bring focus to herself and her words? In what way can mentors give visual feedback from a good place to help women further their careers?
  • How do stories help leaders instill authenticity and inspiration within their organization? Which stories do these ladies use to guide their mentees?

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