Training Technologists to be Storytellers with Patricia Martin

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On today’s episode, we’re speaking with Patricia Martin of Cox Communications about the importance of effective storytelling and communication among technologists. Patricia also shares some insight into the impact good leaders can have on inspiring others.

More About Patricia Martin

Patricia Martin joined Cox Communications in 2005. In her time there, she has led several key initiatives at Cox, including the creation of the first national team of virtual construction estimators and Cox’s first-generation Video Back Office National Center of Excellence. Martin oversees the Network Operations Centers and Tier II support teams for both Residential and Cox Business support models. In 2017, Martin streamlined the Service Assurance NOC to one operating model with two locations, Atlanta and Phoenix. She synchronized national teams and subject matter experts toward improving customers’ experience and set a new road map within the company for other functions to emulate.

Martin is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and of the WICT Betsy Magness Leadership Institute. She has been recognized by Women in Cable Technology (WICT) and CableFax for her leadership skills, her ability to drive results, her unwavering commitment to her team and customers, and the positive changes she has delivered at Cox Communications.

Show Highlights

  • What is Technology Service Assurance? How do you successfully keep multiple platforms operating while knowing who is the right technologist to contact?
  • PIR – Post Instant Report- It’s important to communicate with your customer base letting them know what occurred and how it won’t happen again.
  • How does a team communicate internally to non-technical audiences when they are facing a challenge?
  • Why is it important to be a good storyteller especially during budgeting time?
  • How do you build confidence in your technologist through storytelling? Focus on the issue, and leave the details for others who will understand.
  • What is the importance of developing a structure to share information? Consistency in how you deliver your message in a technology world is extremely important.
  • Why is communication important when leading an organization? People who are great communicators will be great management and directors.
  • How do you establish a connection with an audience? Make sure your message meets people where they are. Set them up with a storyline to help people digest it and explain the reason of “why”.
  • How can using stories help lessen the blow of a big change for employees? Helping people understand why tough decisions were made allows them to see that it was something happening with them and not to them.
  • Why is it important for leadership to tell stories and be vulnerable? People want to know who they work for. Listeners connect to stories on challenges and disappointments, they want to see the journey.
  • Connect with people as a leader, because that is what people will remember.
  • What makes a good leader? Vision, strategy, empathy, and a backbone of steel.

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